Keep Wood Stove From Overheat by Woodburning Flue Pipe Thermometer Fireplace Accessories-VDTM301

Keep Wood Stove From Overheat by Woodburning Flue Pipe Thermometer Fireplace Accessories-VDTM301

1. Will hold securely to most vitreous enamel, iron or steel flue pipe.
2. Temperature is indicated by the pointer.
3. Has both ˚C and ˚F scales.
4. Improves stove’s efficiency.
5. Helps to control the burning temperature of the stove


VODA Magnetic Top Thermometer Wood Stove Thermometer Stove Temperature Meter Stove Flue Thermometer for Avoiding Stove Fan Damaged by Overheat

Protective effect: the magnetic stove thermometer can help protect your stove from overheating, the clear mark of your burning temperature can help you make sure of the stove temperature, allow you to make full use of the fuel, ensure you are burning fuel at the operation temperature

Large dial: there are 2 units reading, the measuring range is 100 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, wide range provides accurate measuring of the temperature, the large dial is easy to read, the creosote buildup, and overheat period is noted on the dial to monitor and optimize the work efficiency of your stove

Reliable material: this stove top meter is consist of aluminum dial, bimetal thermometer sensor, brass pointer and metal handle, reliable and can be applied for a long time and you can get an accurate temperature

Effortless to apply: this stove temperature gauge is easy to use and install, you can put the magnetic back on stove top or side, the hook can also attach the thermometer onto the stove or single wall flue pipe thermometer, please notice that don’t attach directly on grilles

Enough quantity: you will get enough amount of stove thermometers, can make a good control of stove temperature, enough to meet your daily needs


The life and efficiency of your stove can be greatly enhanced by the use of a stove thermometer. Operating a stove at its optimum level prevents the build up of soot that can occur at low temperatures and its possible ignition at high temperatures. It also reduces fuel requirements.

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