Lower Noise Non Electric Self powered 4 Blades Fireplace Fan

Lower Noise Non Electric Self powered 4 Blades Fireplace Fan


About This Item:

  • Exquisite workmanship-High quality and reasonable price.
  • Eco-friendly-no batteries or electricity required.
  • Silent operation- Give you an absolutely quiet and comfortable environment
  • Innovative- nnovative and durable design.


Wood Stove Fan Heat Powered Stove Fan 4 Blades Fireplace Fan Log Burner Fan for Gas/ Pellet/ Log/ Wood Buring Stove

The VODA stove fan is the excellent addition to any stove which has smooth and hot flat surface, such as wood burning stove, coal stove, pellet stove, gas stove and so. what you only need to do just puts the item on a smooth flat surface of your stove top near the side or back of the stove.

Item Specifics

Original:China                                                                       Item: Stove fan

Color: Black Material: Aluminum Al                                Dimension:Height 210mm
Base dimension:100mm*70mm                                        Optimal running temperature:85-345°c

Why do we need to use the stove fan?

Key Benefits

Increased Efficiency: Warm air is circulated directly into the living area rather than having most of the stove’s heat rise immediately to the ceiling, thereby increasing the heating efficiency of your stove. ‘No Fuss’ Operation: The VODA stove fan starts automatically and adjusts its speed with the stove temperature. As the stove heats up, the VODA stove fan runs faster to move more warm air into the room. As the stove burns down and cools, the VODA stove fan automatically shuts off. Costs Nothing to Operate: Using the heat from the stove, the VODA stove fan is the most economical way to effectively circulate warm air. No cables, plugs or batteries are required. Unique Blade Design – Safe and Efficient: The unique VODA stove fan blade is designed to deliver a broad cross-section of gentle warm air movement to avoid uncomfortable drafts. The blade is our most efficient blade yet, moving more air at a wider range of stove temperatures.


Just Put It On Top Your Stove: The fan will start to move hot air into your room once the stove gets hot.

Improved Model: High performing, ultra quiet model that makes your stove even more efficient.

Self-starting And Self-regulating: Spins and pumps out hot air as soon as 85℃ is reached.

Timeless Desgin: made from  anodized aluminum that will not rust or decay

How do VODA stove fans work?

These fans have a thermoelectric module which acts as a small generator to power the fan’s motor. When this generator module experiences a heat differential between its top and bottom surfaces, it pumps out electricity. The base of the fan heats the bottom surface of the module, while the top of the module is kept cooler by the fan’s top cooling fins.

Quick Details
After-sales Service Provided: Free spare parts                       Rotary Vane Quantity: 4
Application: Household                                                              Power Source: Vehicle Power Supply
App-Controlled: No                                                                     Type: heat powered fan
Installation: Freestanding                                                          Material: Aluminum
Power (W): 2.5, 2.5                                                                      Voltage (V): 3, 3
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China                                          Number of blades: 4 blades
OEM: acceptable                                                                          finish: Black hard anodized
Feature: Lower Noise                                                                  Packing: Color Box
Product name: heat powered stove top fan                            Certification: CE/RoHS/BSCI

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