Outdoor Stove Camping Stove Portable Stainless Steel Folding Camping Stove-VDCS180

Outdoor Stove Camping Stove Portable Stainless Steel Folding Camping Stove-VDCS180

 About This Item

  • Lightweight, easy to carry, convenient for outdoor.
  • Easy to assemble, simple and quick.
  • Suitable for outdoor barbecue, park picnic, etc.
  • Support brand customization, source factory with good quality.


Features of VODA Camping Stove:

Made from high quality stainless steel,which makes this camping stove sturdy and durable, perfect for outdoor activities.
Easily collapsible into a compact size ,and this portable camp stove can be packed in the storage bag for convenient storage.
The well made cross-stand trivet and firm connection provide a stable cooking platform for any pot size.
Scientific wide opening structure and air vents, which make the stove easy to add wood and improve air circulation to help the fuel burn more completely with less smoke.
Only need to connect all panels together by each side,then you can use it to cook a meal.it is very convenient to carry.

Product Features
*Material Type
Stainless steel
*Whether the folding
*Dimension information
Camping stove


Cook in camping is no longer a hard work, and no heavy devices are needed. To keep the camp kitchen as simple as possible, a light weight portable stove, and a few cookware is quite enough. This kitchen will make your outdoor experience to a higher level. You can enjoy the healthy, freshly made food, soup, tea, and coffee just in minutes. If you are going to have a hiking, a portable stove is absolutely a necessary in your package.

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